Car Monitors

Welcome to China Car Monitor Wholesale Center! We have wide range of car monitors which fit for most purpose and most sizes of vehicle. Our car monitors are for car entertainment system, rear view camera and other purposes. Screen size from small to big for installation inside the vehicle, such as dashboard monitor, roof monitor, sun visor monitor, headrest monitor.

Build your own car entertainment system! Car monitors can be used a display device for portable HDD player, DVD player, rear view cameras or buy you can buy a monitor with TV tuner. If you spend many hours in car for long journey, the passengers will fell bored when sitting on th seat without moving for too long time. The kids will be noisy or impatient. A car entertainment will make the journey enjoyable and full of fun!

We don't have minimum order quantity requirement. You can buy one or two car monitors for your own use or start resell from a minimum investment.

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