Parking sensors

Parking sensors detects distance and alert the driver when reversing or parking to avoid unseen obstacles.

Parking sensors are designed for all cars, trucks and other vehicles, ultrasonic sensors detects distance and objects behind the car and alert driver by sound, visual and video. Designed for blind and poor rear visibility in th back side of vehicles.

Parking sensorOur Parking Sensors are an effective and affordable device for any driver to increase safety and protection for the driver, their vehicle, children, pets and other properties.

With parking sensors installed, drivers can reduce the risk of collision when backing up, reversing and parallel parking.

Parking sensor systems are safety device for driving in reverse. The basic parking sensor kit consists of multiple ultrasonic detectors and sensors, a control unit, a buzzer, a display or even a LCD monitor. The parking sensors will work automatically to detect the obstacles at the rear of your car at any time while the car is in reverse.

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