Power Inverter

Power inverters power household electronics while on the road. It converts car DC 12 volt vehicle power to AC 110 or 220 volt household power.

Vehicle power is always DC 12V or 24V. But most electrical appliances such as computers, power tools, household electronics chargers are run on AC. The power inverter is a device that plugs into your vehicle's DC power slot ( usually the cigarette lighter) and converts the power to AC so you can use other electrical appliances in the vehicle or boat.

Almost everyone has a cell phone now. Some have more than one electronics carrying around, such as iPod, laptops and other electrical gadgets, but the power adapters of such kind of electrical gadgets require AC power supply. When travel over long distances for long time, the built-in batteries of the electrical gadgets may not last that long time, an auto power inverter will be very helpful in such situation.

Power inverter help users to charge electronics on road whenever it's required. A useful and convenient product for all drivers and passengers.

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