Rear View Cameras

Rear View Cameras help drivers to see if there is something or someone behind your car when you parking. It's the back eye for drivers to see where they can't see from mirror. Rear view cameras are a great help for drive safety. By connecting to car DVD player, reverse the car will be much safer than ever.

We have a wide range of rear view cameras, customized for car brand and models and universal ones. It's easy to install rear view cameras. Most car review cameras come with necessary installation tools.

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Safty is the first thing above all. All drivers want to have an eye on the back side to what'd behind. Mirror is a great help, but there are still areas of blind where you can't see in the mirror. Drivers always wonder if there is anything or anyone (especially kids at similar height as cars), also about the distance to the wall in garage.

Rear view camera is the solution for drivers. Installation could be difficult for house wives, an engineer or car service center will install it easily. But after you have the rear view camera installed, you will enjoy the convenience and safty, no need to guess when revesing or parking.

There are different kinds of rear view cameras: universal ones and customized ones. License plate rear view camera is one of the universal and it can be installed on most license plates. Some rear view cameras are designed especially for certain car brand and model, they can fit the cars perfectly without effect the outlook or appearance of the car.

Another part of the rear view system is the display device which displays the scene in the camera to the driver. Display device could be the DVD player's screen or a separate LCD monitor which can be mounted on the dashboard or sun visor, or a rear view mirror with built-in LCD screen.

There is also wireless rear view camera for people who don't want wires to be installed in their car or just want things to be done easily and simply. You can choose the camera and monitor operated only when you shift to reverse or have it operated all the time. 

Car rear view cameras definitely gives driver another, better view of the back end of the vehicles. You will have a wide view behind the vehicle when you back into a parking spot or camping site, you can see everything.  Buy one rear view camera for your own safty and convenice today!

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