All in 1 HDD docking with the one button backup, high speed hard disk cloning WLXKJ-875

Model: WLXKJ-875

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HDD Multi-function dock with the one button backup, high-speed hard disk cloning( can be used offline)

Support high up to 2~4TB 2.5’/3.5’ IDE or STAT HDD.
Support USB HUB(2 port).
One eSATA port, Support  high data transmission
Support(1)CF SLOT.(2)SD SLOT.(3)XD SLOT.(4)MS SLOT.(Min SD,T-flash/Micro SD Adapter required)for fast multimedia files access.
Support USB HUB (two port).
Supports up to 64 memory cards:
CF SLOT: CF 1/CF 2/Extreme CF/Extreme Ⅲ CF/UltraⅡCF/HS CF/MD
MS SLOT: MS/MS DUO/MS PRO/MS PRO DUO/MS MagicGate DUO/MS MagicGate PRP/MS MagicGate DUO/MS MagicGate PRO/Ultra Ⅱ MS PRO/HS MS MagicGate PRO/HS MS MagicGate PRO DUO/MS PROM/MS Select.
X-Memory SLOT:X-Memory.
Suitable for all types of 2.5” /3.5” IDE/SATA Hard Disk Drive of any capacity..
Standable,Convenient and Trendy Design.
USB 1.1, USB2.0, SATA Ⅰ,and SATA Ⅱ Compatible.
Hi speed USB2.0 Data Transfer Rate Up to 480Mbp/s(Max),SATA Ⅱ Transfer Rate Up to 3Gb/s.
One Touch Backup function(on USB port only)
Plugs and plays and is hot-swappable.
The type of file system is able to support FAT32 and NTFS both.
When users operate the PCCone EX Lite,the login must be from Administrator,it can not login from the Guest or any authorized account.
Does the hard disk happen to the bad sector? Please confirm in advance that can prevent an improper operating of backup or restore.
The File Backup doesn’t support the external HD button operating if the operating system is Windows 98/Me,please use the hot key instead of.
USB2.0 Specifications,Data transfer rate up to480Mbps.
Support USB-HDD mode(need support mainboard).
Support plug and play,System without reboot can ready connect computer.
Two colour LED indicator,LED For power and disk activity.
External power supply .
AC input: 100~240V/50~60Hz, DC output:5V2A,12V2A.
No driver needed for Windows 2000/SP3/ME/XP/Mac OS 10.1.2./Vista/Win7.
Driver needed for Windows 98/98SE.