Personal Alarms

Personal alarms is small portable device that can be carried around in pocket or handbag.

There are 3 purpose of a personal alarm:

1. Scare off  thieves or attackers with an ear piercing screeching sound. It will quickly attract the attention of any people in the area. Many attackers would want to be discreet and quiet so often the screech alone will be enough to foil an attack or at least attract the attention of others who could come to your aid.

2. For the elderly or people with a medical condition who may need to attract attention quickly, in case of a medical emergency. They could also be very useful for people who work in correctional, probationary or mental therapy. They would use this device to attract attention quickly in case of an emergency.

3. Protect personal treasures, such as purse, wallet, handbag, key, pet and childen. The transmitter and receiver are usually included for this kind of purpose. The receiver hang on treasures. When the treasure is out of the setting range around the transmitter, there will sould alarm to remind the owner.

Some personal Alarm require user to push a button or pull a pin, some works automatically. They are all in compact size and light weight, in the form off a keychain, some have flashing lights to further attract attention, some have a keyhole light.  They can be attached to a purse or handbag. Whatever your preference, choose one that suits you and ensure that it can be accessed an operated with ease. Personal Alarms require no training but be sure to read any included instructions. Have a Personal Alarm for your personal protection or peace of mind. Have a plan so you know what you are going to do if a situation arose, know exactly where on your person the alarm is and practice using it.