Hands free flexible hug LED light HM-S01-006 can be hang on the neck and free hands for other things

Model: HM-S01-006

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Hands free flexible LED light is 56cm long and covered in a soft foam that you can wear or hang on your neck so that you can have your both hands! You can bend it to any angle you want to position it to illuminate hard-to-reach areas, making it more useful than just a simple wearable flashlight.

Hands free flexible LED light comes with 4 super bright white LED lights ( two LEDs on each end) and two super-flexible arms. You can use it to to red notes, use computer in dark place or as a enhanced light for your handwork. Powered by two AAA batteries provide 40 long hours of illumination.


4 LEDs total, 2 LEDs each arm
1 spotlight LED, 1 wide angle LED on each arm
Light level control: Turn on 1, 2, 3 or all 4 LEDs
Soft rubber grip neck pad
Foam rubber covered wire arms: Super-flex steel alloy wire, Bend into any shape
2 AAA battery
Extra-long 40 hours run time
Stereo lighting / Multi-point: Superior illumination, Less shadow