Network IP Cameras

Network camera (IP camera) is a stand-alone camera which doesn't require DVR or monitor and allows user to view live, full motion video over Internet from anywhere in the world. Network cameras come with built-in Web server which allows user to access the camera and watch the video remotely over Internet, users can record live video to a remote location.

Comparing with traditional security camera, the advantage of network cameras requires less hardware investment and allow video recorded to a remote location. IP cameras are ideal for surveillance of both homes and businesses.

Usually, surveillance video security system uses CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television) technology. Topical devices include cameras, coaxial cable and DVR. Digital revolution has effected every field. Surveillance security system is moving to digital technology, for example, most security cameras are using CCD image sensors which digitize image capture. The recorder also developed to digital video recorder (DVR). But the signal transmission is still analog via coax to DVR.

IP cameras or called network cameras transmit signal over Internet. IP cameras make the whole surveillance system digitized now. Network Cameras corporates onboard processors and web server software. Network Cameras can be connected and accessed directly to and through LAN networks and Internet. User can access the cameras to manage, view, record and playback remotely through application software, or even through a Web browser and cell phone.

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