8 inch Tablet PCs

Wholesale China Android Tablet PC and accessories directly from China, including ePad, aPad, most available brand and models can be found here.

Tablet PCs are ideal for both work and entertainment and can be used anywhere, such as home, office, travel. All 8 inch Android tablet computers uses Android as operation system which allows users to install application to extend its function, such as handling office documents.

The main feature of our Android tablet PCs include the Internet connection through wireless network (Wi-Fi). Users can enjoy music, movie, photos and games for new entertainment experience. Android OS supports application download and installation. There are many free application on the Internet for download, such as http://www.android.com/market.  User can find your favorite application on the Internet and install to customize and extend the functions.

Tips for Android tablet PCs screenshots:

Some users want to capture their screen for share, Web site or print purpose, but they find it's not as easy as capture a Windows screen. The most common error is about root permission.

Get root permission is the first step to capture screen. Z4Root is an excellent application for Android 1.5/1.6/2.0/2.1/2.2. But not suitable for later version. If you want to know how to capture screen for Android 2.3, please contact us.

After The best screenshot application is ShootMe. By searching "ShootMe for Android" on Google, there will be many download links.  After installation ShootMe, screen can be capture by shaking the device, without touch any buttons or screen.

See more details about capturing screen for Android Tablet PCs here.

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