Mini Laptops

Mini laptops are compact size, lightweight and inexpensive laptop computers mostly being used to for stay connected to Internet or for children to learn basic computer skills. We have 7 inch screen mini laptops with basic function and full functional 12 inch screen notebook computers. The highest price is below $300 and the lowest price is less than $100. Mini laptop computers are designed for Web browsing, emailing and online chatting & email and all of them comes with media applications too.

The advantage of mini laptop computers include size, weight and price. They are designed for basic computer use or beginners. Mini laptops doesn't have advanced new hardware, such as CPU, memory and screen size.

We have listed the most popular mini laptop computers here. You can find the models according your requirements. We will put new mini laptops online when they are available. Please go back from time to time to see our new mini notebooks.

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