About us

Our goal is to build win-win business with all those who want to sell or distribute China products. We supply a wide variety of China products at great wholesale prices, mainly electronics which are ideal for wholesale and retail. We guarantee high quality at reasonable price, fast shipping, good communication.

We supply:

1. High quality: provide the best and reliable products and ensure the highest quality possible. Extra inspection before shipment for each product inspected to reduce the quality problem to minimum.

2. Great wholesale price: we always try our best to offer competitive prices, shipping cost, considerable discounts for our customers to ensure their competitive strength and profit margin.

3. Prompt service: We response all emails and new orders within 24 hours ( major holiday excluded). On time delivery service within 1 to 3 business days. We supply online support 6 days a week, at least 10 hours per day and will be extended. All inquiry responsed within 24 hours.

4. Easy work for our members: Union members concentrate in marketing without worrying about product sourcing, purchase, quality control, stock, shipment. No extra investment required for union members to join.

5. Responsible and reliable: we supply honest information and take our responsibility. We try our best to cooperate with our customers as one team to get win-win result. We believe in win-win business.


* Marketing Dept
* Source Dept
* Purchase Dept
* Quality Control & Inspection Dept
* Warehouse & Shipping Dept
* Web Site Dept
* After Sell Sevice Dept
* Administrative Office