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We take extra strict quality inspection before shipment to reduce quality faulty to minium. Our  inspectors check the appearance of the product, test each function of every product before shipment to make sure the good condition and proper function. We have records for all inspection and all records are traceable.

But some problems appear only after use for sometime. Please don't worry, all our products come with one year guarantee. If, unfortunately, the product you bought from us seems to have a problem, please find below the details of how we can help you.

Step by step to solved problems:

Please contact us first when there was a problem, providig order number and the product code, problem description in details, photos and videos if possible. We will give instruction / support to solve / how to solve the problem.

* Some problems can be solved without returning back to us:
1. Some problems could be solved by restarting, reinstalling, reconnecting, restoring default settings.
2. Some problems can be solved by fixing or replacing an accessory.
3. Some problems can be fixe by reinstalled or inspected by experience technicans.

* Problems might be solved by local repair shops:
1. With our authorization, customers can find a local repair shop to open the products and repair it. Please note with authorization, the opening of any problem will cause the warranty invaild.
2. We send spare parts or accessories.

* Problems still can't be solved by above steps
If the the product doesn't work, we'll help you send it back to us in China to get it fixed.
Click the link below to find out how to send the product back to us for repair.