Customs, tax/duties

To ensure successful delivery for your order, we strongly recommend our customers to check local  laws, regulations, and common practices relating to import goods and tax /duties by contacting local customs, couriers or import brokers before purchase from us.

1. Customs clearance

Customers needs to find out in advance if the products are permitted to import into the destination country and if there was any conditions for import. Customers also need to find out what clearance requirements, taxes, policies etc apply in the destination country.

All imported goods are subject to customs clearance policy and requirements in destination country. All products sold by us are sent from China. Buying from overseas is import, and customer is the importer who is responsible for the goods when the goods pass through customs in your destination country. As the importer, customers bear sole responsibility for the clearance of the goods.

We have years of experience of selling products by retail and wholesale worldwide and we have experience in preparing proper shipping documentation. 99% of shipments from us don't have any problem. Custom clearance for shipment by couriers and post office are handled by shipping companies and they are professional in this field. For shipment by air and sea, we usually check with customers about their experience in importing goods from overseas. In fact, most of them are well experienced. If they don't have any experience, we always suggest them to find out necessory information about customs clearance or find a broker to help them.

2. Tax / duties

Depending on the value, quantity, import purpose or category of goods imported,  the shipment might  be assessed for import tax / duties in destination countries. Customer ( as importer) has the responsibility for that.

3. Problems might meet in customs clearance

* Goods held by the customs - customer usually be required to contact couriers or local customs to find out the reason of hold. Usually customs require additional documents, import tax / duties to be paid, payment approve or certificate to be presented.

* Goods refused entry / destroyed / turned back

We will compensate customers if the refuse / destory / turn back caused by wrong / inconsistent / delay / lack shipping documents for customs clearance issued by us.

We will not compensate customers if the customer refused to clear the customs, refused to pay the import tax/duties and other charges required by the customs, don't want the goods any more, delay or refuse to response to customs requirement, unknown import restrictions before shipment, lack of import authorization, insist purchase ignoring our warning, inproper paperwork but issued according to customer's requirement / instruction...

If the goods were returned to China, we might be able to compensate partially, based on any remaining credit after return delivery fees, China import taxes, and other charges.