Receiving shipment

1. Shipment by courier and post office

Receiver doesn't need to clear the customs if goods send by couriers or post office. But receiver ( consignee) might be required to help the carrier to clear the customs. Please see details in the page of "customs, tax/duties". Receiver might also to be required to pay import tax / duties when they receive the parcel.

We pack each parcel well to protect your products. All parcels come with tape and seals with our logo. If any tape or seals broken or the parcel repasted by tape without our logo when you receive the parcel, please check the content and quantity inside the parcel according to airway bill or invoice face to face with the courier.

2. Shipment by air and sea

Receiver (consignee) will be required to present necessary documentation such as B/L, invoice to clear the customs. Customs tax / duties also might be required.

Please check quantity of cartons, status of each carton. If there was any carton broken or opened, please pay more attention to it. If there was any shortage and damage, please ask carrier to give you written confirmation and start the process of claim compensation from insurance company.


I found a problem when the product arrives, what to do?

1. Shortage: customers or receiver required to check the content in the parcel immediately according to the invoice attached to the shipment if the seals on the parcel broken and get the carrier's written confirmation for the shortage.

2. Damage: if the parcel had been under pressure and lost its original shape and size, receiver required to check the status of the products inside immediately. Please refused the parcel if any products damaged.

3. Wrong parcel: please refuse parcel directly.

Please send us email if there was any lose, shortage, damage or mistake. Please send email on the same days of receiving the parcel, including order number, shipment tracking number, item numbers, problem description in details, photos for the product / damage / shipment documents / handwrite tracking number on the parcel.