USA and Canada Networks now supported with this Universal Quad Band: GSM 850 MHz - GSM 900 MHz - GSM 1800 MHz - GSM 1900 MHz..

Works on iPhone 4S

Active dual sim is having 2 sim cards which both sim cards are active at the same time, which means you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS simultaneously.

Imagine having just one iPhone 4 that operates with two different network operators… at the same time. Well imagine no more.

For a while dual-SIM adapters have been available for the iPhone 4 and it is even speculated that the iPhone 5 could release with dual-SIM technology, However, Rebel has come up with a new concept.

Quad Band: GSM 850 MHz - GSM 900 MHz - GSM 1800 MHz - GSM 1900 MHz 

Having two SIM Cards active simultaneously on your iPhone 4 is no longer a dream!

The 2Phone dual SIM card adapter is the only device in the world which allows to simultaneously use a micro-SIM and SIM (standard format) in the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 users can now separate private life and professional life without having to carry two mobile phones.
The dual SIM card adapter 2Phone is exclusively dedicated to the iPhone 4.
Ideal for businesspeople, this innovative concept now allows iPhone 4 owners to use 2 SIM cards (micro SIM and SIM standard format) and have two numbers active at the same time. 

This dual SIM card adapter can make and receive calls on both SIM cards simultaneously.
You can use any combination of mobile provider's SIM or USIM cards.

Use the 2Phone dual SIM card adapter in your iPhone 4 and turn it into a dual SIM card phone with both cards active simultaneously

2Phone dual SIM cards adapter is very easy to install (see video installation), as it doesn't require cutting of your SIM cards or unlocking your iPhone 4.
Once your iPhone 4 is equipped with 2Phone dual SIM card adapter, your iPhone 4 becomes a real dual SIM card mobile phone with two SIM cards connected simultaneously.

You can make or receive calls on any of your SIM cards simultaneously.

This dual SIM card adapter comes in the form of a sleek ergonomic shell. 
The 2Phone adapter case incorporates its own GSM module (transmitter and receiver), a SIM card slot (standard) and a battery with a capacity of 800mAh. 
This additional battery directly supplies the GSM module, integrated into the case of the 2Phone, and can also be used to increase the autonomy of your iPhone 4. 
If your iPhone 4's battery is running low, the adapter 2Phone takes over. 
For the second SIM card, 2Phone shows on your iPhone4 screen the signal networks strength as well as the second battery level of charge. 

The adapter 2Phone doubles the autonomy of your iPhone4 and increase talking time.

The 2Phone dual SIM card adapter, with its simple and harmonious lines, is placed directly at the back of the iPhone 4 without altering the aesthetic look and feel.
Extremely thin and lightweight, with a thickness of 0.7mm, the 2phone adapter also protects your iPhone 4 from scratches and shocks, offering an additional protection. 
Design, compact and modern, the 2Phone adapter is the ideal partner for your iPhone 4.
This accessory is the perfect tool for iPhone 4 users willing to separate private and business calls or avoid international roaming charges.
It is no longer necessary to carry two mobile phones to make and receive calls simultaneously with two SIM cards. 

Compatible with all iPhone 4 (even blocked / SIM-Lock) 
Two SIM cards in your iPhone 4
Simultaneous connection 
Both SIM cards are active at the same time 
Power extender for your iPhone 4 battery 
Both SIM cards signal strenght appear on your iPhone 4 touch screen 
Both battery level status are shown on your iPhone 4 touch screen 
Compatible with any providers SIM or USIM cards 
Does not require to cut your SIM cards 
Avoid roaming charge 
Scratchproof and shockproof 
Unlocking your iPhone 4 is not necessary 
Function Enable / Disable & Change PIN code

Integrated Battery: 3.7V/800mAh 
GSM Quadri Band: 900/1800 850/1900
Input/Output: 5.0V/500MA 
Talk Time: 500min. 
Weight: Approx. 59g 

To note:
- Only use the supplied USB cable to recharge the 2Phone battery
- Requires to jailbreak your iPhone 4
- Requires installation of the 2Phone software in your iPhone 4 (after jailbreak)
- With some network providers, vibrating mode can replace the ringtones (for incoming calls and SMS) on the second SIM card.
- With the second SIM card you can only call / receive calls and send / receive SMS 
- For internet browsing only use the iPhone 4 micro-SIM.


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2Phone iPhone 4S /4 dual standby sim case, with Backup battery built-in, Universal version supports USA Networks

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