Briefcase hidden camera HM-D02-002 looks just like normal handy briefcase and it has the real function of a briefcase. You can open it, put papers, pens and other stuff inside. But this normal looking briefcase's main function is the hidden camera inside. This product incorporates a pinhole camera inside. The camera is virtually being unseen. The tiny camera lens is in one side of it with an 90 degree view angle.

The camera is powered internally by the built-in rechargeable battery for video recording.

A remote control in car remote control shape and size will never to be noticed as a remote control for the hidden camera. There is only on button, press it to start record and press again to stop record. Very convenient for the user.

Take this stylish briefcase anywhere, position the camera lens to anywhere you want to make a record. Briefcase hidden camera system have been used for many years by spies. Now the same equipment with new digital technology less than 50 bucks.

The video resolution is 0.3 mega pixels. Format is AVI which can be viewed in computer very easily.  With a built-in microphone, the video will come with sound.

USB cable is enclosed and can be pulled out to connect to computer for data transfer.

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Briefcase hidden camera HM-D02-002 with remote control and built-in battery

  • Product Code: HM-D02-002

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