Digital Guitar Tuner T80G is used mostly in guitars. It can get the vibration frequency of the guitar more accurately. It has LED light interface, so you can also use it  in dark places. It has less power assumption and will power off automatically if you don't use it for a few minutes.

Pick up the sound fast and in a high sensitivity.
Pick holder at the back , convenient to use.
Clip can be turned at 360 degree in order to get the best angle.
LED indicator to show the state of sound fast and distinctly.


Frequency of A4 tone: 440 HZ
Falling tone option: b. bb
Tolerance: 1 cent
Weight: 30g
Size: 58x62x18 mm
Accuracy: + / - 1cent
Display: LED
Input: Built-in CLIP (PIEZO)
Tuning instruments: Guitar
A4: 440Hz

* Works by vibration, Allowing accurate acoustic and electric guitar tuning despite ambient noise
* High brightness LED displays string number and pitch difference, Can be used in dark places and stages
* Turnable 360º clip on design, Allowing any observation angle
* Low power consumption and AUTO-OFF function
* Displaying string number and name of the note as well as corresponded string's sixe for better visualization
* One pick included for free in the pick location at tuner's back

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Digital Guitar Tuner T80G get the vibration frequency of the guitar more accurately

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