This alarm system kit contains the host and various wireless accessories. Whe there is anyone enters the defense region illegally, the host will give sound of sirens and call pre-set phone numbers for notification.

This host can work with motion sensor, smoke alarm, gate magnetism, glass break alarm.


* Wireless easy installation
* Long distance listen-in/arm/disarm function
* Intelligent identification
* Still can be triggered when power cable cut
* Remote control
* 5 groups of pre-set alarm phone number
* Supports up to 99 sensors
* Built-in backup battery in case of electricity failure


wireless home alarm system
1-99 defense zones
wireless distance: 100m
connect to telphone line

Main features:

1) Wireless 1-99 defense zone , with LED on the panel to display.
2) Can store six user's phone numbers and two monitoring station phone numbers.
3) Long distance to alarm/disarm/listen in.
4) Each defense zone can have 99 detectors and remote controllers.
5) The panel will send signal if the detectors go wrong or being short of power.
6) Any accessory can be compatible to the system.
7) Cutting the phone wire will cause the sudden alarm to prevent people from burglar.
8) Inner Ni-hy battery ensures to keep working for 24 hours once power is off.
9) Alarm call has the priority to the normal call.
10) Can connect with monitoring station, after alarming, the station will know the detailed information of the owner, such as the position, alarm zone, telephone number.
11) To against the frequency disturb, with the strong receiving and sending frequency function.
12) With international Ademco Contact ID protocol, can work with the monitoring center station.

Technical parameter:

Operating voltage: Input 100-250V, output 9V.
Wireless receiving distance: >100m
Operating Frequency:  433 MHZ

Package content:

1 x main panel
1 x wireless PIR detector
1 x wireless door/window gap detector
1 x siren
2 x remote controllers
1 x power supply
1 x user manual

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Wireless alarm system kit HM-L02-001 including keypad, siren, control board, motion detector, fast installation and easy setup

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