Anti lose alarm HM-L04-001 tells users by sound when their pets, children, handbag, wallet and other treasure things out of certain distance from 0 ~ 25 meters ( without wireless barrier). It's ideal to protect treasures and anti-theft.

User can adjust the alarm distance form 1-25 meters.  For example, hang the smaller piece on your pet and the bigger piece on your key chain, set the alarm distance as 10 meters. When the distance over 10 meter between you and your pet, the anti-lose alarm will alarm with a sound of  85dB sound to remind you.

User also can use this device to search lost items. When the lost item with the small piece is reach the alarm distance, it will alarm so that user can shorten the scope by the adjust distance button to find the lost item.


1. Anti lose alarm with automatically LED indicator, beep and vibration when protected item is out of safety distance.
2. Prevent pets and children beings stolen.
3. Can freely balance anti-lose distance range: up to 25m.
4. Receiver battery: 3V CR2032 x 2 pieces.
5. Transmitter battery: 3V CR2032 x 1 piece.
6. Compact and light weight, easy to carry.

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Anti lose alarm HM-L04-001 prevents pets, children, handbag and treasure things losing

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