1. Guard against lost: Dial the regulation and control button of the receiver to maximum reception range, dial the power swithch to "anti-lost N-ON", the cue tone "tick" of staring up will be sent out, subsequently the receiver will send out the cue tone"tick.....tick...." of waiting studying, now dial the sender supply switch to ON, and then the signal light of the sender will flicker and proceed to send signal, after the receiver receives signals from the sender, it will send out two cue tones"tick....tick..." to indicate successful study, and the signa light flickers to indicate successful studying of code.
Note: if the receiver boots and sends out cue tones "tick....tick..." to indicate successful study(while now the sender exists in closedown state), please check whether there is any other sender in use,
Afer the sender starts up, if the receiver still sends out the cue tone "tick....tick..."of waiting for the study, in this case it indicates the receiver hasn't receive signals from the sender.
Please check whether you dial the regulation and control button to correct direction, whether the sender is in normal operation!
2. After successful study of the code, push the regulation and control button of distance to set the desirable distance of the protected object, generally the distance of articles such as luggage and wallets is set about 3 meters, the distance of kids or pets is relatively farther, please set according to your own desire.
3. when the protected object walk out of the setting distance, the receiver alarms with one warning cue tone of the product, products with vibrating mark will vibrate as well as alarms.
4. Searching function Dial power switch to "search S-ON", then the receiver will send out cue tone "tick....tick..." of waiting for study, When the receiver receives the signals from sender, it sends out the cue tones "tick..." to indicate approaching and vibrates (products with vibration function), it is convenient to find the protected object, if you walk out of the reception range, the receiver signal light will be on but no warning tone.
5. The sender should be put on the protected object, the receiver should be carried be carried with yourself or the hots.

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Anti lost product HM-L01-002 protect your treasure, cell phone, wallet, kids, pets, keys

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