VGA video splitter CLK-1021A allows duplicate video signals for max 65 meters distance broadcasting. One video signal can be broadcasted to 2 or more monitors. If you need one computer to provide simultaneous display on two or more different monitors, such as in classroom, demo center, supermark, meeting, training center, ticket center, this splitter is a cheap and reliable solution.

VGA video splitter CLK-1021A the best product for computer and TV shops. With one video source, this splitter displays the same image or video on 2 or more monitors simultaneously. It is a perfect and cheap solution for  high quality image and video on two monitors. This supports monitors with up to 250MHz of bandwidth allowing it to display images of up to 1920x1440 pixels.

VGA video splitter CLK-1021A allows one computer with VGA graphic cards to be connected to two  monitors, flat screen TV or projectors which support VGA input. It's compact and lightweight, not take too much space, keep your place tidy, clutter-free, safe and secure.

Max resolution: 1920*1440, bandwidth: 150/250MHz
Support VGA, SVGA  XGA  multisync monitors
Support max 65 meters distance

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VGA video splitter CKL-1021A allows a PC to display to 2 monitors simultaneously

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